About Us

Wayne and Beth (the W and B of WB Earthmoving) began WB Earthmoving back in 1988. Starting with just Wayne in one machine and Beth in the office, it wasn’t long before they were the preferred contractor due to their commitment to honesty and reliability.

Since then, with the experience acquired over decades, Wayne has also gained the reputation for providing valuable advice to clients on what is most practical and affordable for them.

These days they have staff to assist and work with many of the major residential builders across Brisbane’s north side.

To see how WB Earthmoving can help you with your project, please get in touch below.

What do you do?
We provide residential housing platforms, compaction and shed platforms…just to name our top three.
What machines do you use?

We have caterpillar drott 953D’s, a padfoot roller and a bobcat.

Where do you work?
Our office is in Whiteside however we work all across North Brisbane.
Can you advise me on what fill type I need?
Sure can. Not all dirt is created equal and some is more appropriate for housing platforms than others. It may seem like a small issue but your house sits on it…so it’s worth ensuring you have the correct fill.
Can you help me?
Hopefully – but if not, we will at least give you advice and point you in the right direction.

If you have a project, or would like to get a quote just get in touch.

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